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Excuber is a system for automatic image processing from live cameras, images and videos. Simplicity of the manipulation as well as precision of the detection are the key advantages of the system.

Excuber s.r.o.

Excuber is a company established in 2017 and also actual product name sold by companies Excuber s.r.o. and Manipul s.r.o.

Our team

  • We have strong development team able to satisfy any customer specific requirements
  • We have core team located in Slovakia with partners from around the world


  • Security of our customers is our top priority
  • We have our own server infrastructure located in Bratislava / Slovakia
  • No cloud providers are used
  • Only core team could access development and testing infrastructure
  • Security practices are constantly reviewed

Manipul s.r.o.

Manipul s.r.o. was founded in 2000 as a trading company focusing primarily on aviation, military and civilian area. Currently it has expanded its activities on the development of specialised software.


  • Slovakia – NBU (National Security Authority) Certification
  • Slovakia – Military trade certification
  • Slovakia – Other approval certificates from Ministry of Defence

Prevention. Protection. Safety.

Our Solutions

Excuber is bring significant professional discretion security for a changing world.

Excuber is a system for automatic image processing using its modules which can significantly reduce decision making process for the end-users. Simplicity of the manipulation as well as precision of the detection are the key advantages of the system.

Excuber will allow you to process data from hundred’s of cameras in a blink of an eye.


  • Smart City

    Professional discretion security for a changing world.

  • Retail Analytics

    We’ve got it covered

  • Cars and People Surveillance

    Security is everyone’s concern… but it’s our business

  • Stadiums and Venues

    Prevention. Protection. Safety.

  • Inner/Outside Premisses Surveillance

    Experience and innovation, Excuber.

  • Forensic Analysis

    Powerful security protection

  • Maps Integration

    Threat prevention at the highest level.

  • Road Monitoring

    Protecting our future.

Meet Our Team

Jozef Semancin

Legal Director

Rudolf Magyarics

Managing Director Excuber CZ


Managing Director Excuber

How We Do It

Excuber is modern system based using micro services at hearth. Micro services are like lego bricks which could be mixed and matched for specific scenario. Excuber will support customers in designing system based on specific requirements - tailor made designs will significantly drive down cost of operations.

  • Input

    Video input is reading data from various sources like images, videos and live cameras.

  • AI recognition modules

    Excuber modules will analyse incoming input and produce data for rules (e.g. person is identified based on face, car from car plate, etc).

  • Rules

    Excuber can combine data from multiple modules / sources (images, video & cameras) and based on very sophisticated rules will generate notifications.

  • Action

    Operator will take the action based on notifications.

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Professional and experience are our key. Tell us about your project and let's begin!


Excuber, s.r.o.
Vajnorská 100/A
Bratislava 831 04

Excuber CZ, s.r.o.
Vojtěšská 211/6, Nové Město
Praha 1, 110 00
Czech Republic


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